Open to all, la Galerie du 19M promotes the fashion and decoration Métiers d’art and represents the new quintessential cultural venue in Paris. 

The project centres on creation, innovation and transmission. 

As a multidisciplinary space with a cultural vocation, la Galerie du 19M focuses on the values of artistic craftsmanship and welcomes people from all horizons. Located on the building’s ground floor, it has a separate dedicated entrance. la Galerie reflects the le19M’s general policy of perpetuating and promoting exceptional savoir-faire, unique in the world. The excellence and creativity of the fashion and decoration Métiers d’art is showcased in a multifaceted line-up of arts events: exhibitions, apprentice workshops, conferences, and more. 


From the outset, a special focus was placed on la galerie's location: on the border between the 19th arrondissement of Paris and Aubervilliers, in the north of Greater Paris. A community of committed players aware of the changes at work in the world has formed around la Galerie du 19M – first entrusted with the design of the space, and now involved in developing its seasonal cultural programme.   


The project centres not only on creation and innovation, but also on transmission. la Galerie du 19M seeks to reach beyond borders and to welcome all visitors into a convivial space conducive to dialogue: artisanal enthusiasts, scholars and students, professionals, families, young apprentices and neighbourhood associations, across all generations.    

A platform for exhibitions, meetings, discoveries and the sharing of practices, la Galerie du 19M is a multifaceted space. Designed by Studio GGSV, its interior architecture lends itself well to its polymorphous nature: amphitheatre, stage, showroom, store, workshops – the space is incredibly versatile. To host a multitude of events, it is divided into three areas: a space overlooking Place Skanderbeg, which includes an agora, a store developed with the non-profit La Réserve des arts and the library 7L; on the mezzanine level, a work studio suited to recordings, presentations and showrooms; and at the back, a sweeping 550m2 open space with a ceiling height of 7.5 metres for large-scale exhibitions, conferences and practical workshops.   


Its hybrid infrastructure is fully modular and can be tailored to all requirements. The lighting system can be retracted, and the seats and tables can be arranged together or spread out across the entire space. 
In keeping with the project’s overall vocation, the interior design includes the manual savoir-faire of craftspeople and artistic artisans, as well as the expertise of local players, in a virtuous practice of mentoring and upcycling.


A unique venue in France, la Galerie du 19M reflects the ever-increasing interest of young generations and the general public in handmade trades. Their innovative and enduring nature resonates with the values of the time and points to a social project that serves the common good.