The inauguration of la Galerie du 19M took place with an initial exhibition titled l'Ouverture from January 18 to May 7 2022. For this very first season, the site offered a full-scale “making of”, like an open-air workshop, of the creation of le19M from the Première Pierre in 2018 until today.


In the first section of the exhibition, visitors can follow Rudy Ricciotti’s process as he designed the building. The displays recount each stage in the production of the architectural creation, from the earliest sketches to the design of the gallery’s interior furnishings by Studio GGSV.


The second part of the programme plunges the visitor into the world of the resident Maisons d’Art, the focal point of le19M: Atelier Montex, L'École Lesage, ERES, Goossens, Lemarié, Lesage, Lesage Intérieurs, Les Ateliers Lognon, Maison Michel, Massaro, Paloma, Studio MTX.
A central theatrical device was designed with each of them as a first invitation to discover their unique know-how.

The project also showcases a number of collaborations between the Maisons d’Art and contemporary artists starting with the finalists and winners of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, and Lucie Khahoutian, winner of the Picto Fashion Photography Prize and the le19M Métiers d’Art Photography grant.
Lastly, the artisans who work at le19M are spotlighted in a project by Ismaël Bazri, Fodil Drici and Elea Jeanne Schmitter from the 2020 Image class at École Kourtrajmé, headed by the artist JR. 


Everyone is invited to participate in a collective embroidery workshop uniting, for the first time, Maison Lemarié, Maison Lesage and Atelier Montex. As the weeks go by, this group effort will result in a monumental joint creation based on a map of the area around le19M, at the frontier of northern Paris and the town of Aubervilliers. 

Some workshops from season 1...

The transmission of artisanal savoir-faire being at the heart of the le19M project, the educational workshops aim to introduce the secrets of the crafts to the public, whether initiated or beginner.

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