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la Galerie du 19M 

At a time when crafts are enjoying a revival, the aim of this programme is to consider embroidery at the crossroads of other artistic fields such as painting, photography and contemporary creation. 


Attached to this notion of transdisciplinarity, it offers a programme based on highlights, designed in the form of narrative episodes, like a series of podcasts or a magazine. 


For several months, la Galerie du 19M will be weaving the thread of a story around embroidery, with openings towards young creation and the resident of le19M, collaborative work with guest artists and venues, the testimony and the involvement of amateur embroiderers, and echoes at the awards and festivals of which le19M is a partner.

the Residents

le19M was designed to bring together 11 Maisons d'art, the Maison ERES and a multidisciplinary gallery, la Galerie du 19M, under one same roof. That is to say 600 artisans and  experts are gathered in a building offering working conditions favorable to the well being of everyone and to the development of new perspectives at the service of the biggest names in Fashion and Luxury.






    Les Ateliers LOGNON

    the Architectural Gesture

    The design of the place was entrusted to renowned architect Rudy Ricciotti. For le19M, he imagined an ensemble wrapped in a weaving of concrete threads inspired by a vertical textile weft.